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    Hi all,

    Please consider filling out a witness slip for a new bill that’s currently in Springfield.

    The new bill (SB2016) aims to establish dedicated funding for walking and biking projects. A hearing will be held on Tuesday, March 19 at 5pm. Details about the bill are below.

    Please fill out an online witness slip as a proponent. Choose record of appearance only, you don’t need to attend to choose this option. Please submit before Tuesday, March 19 at 5pm,

    Senator Martin Sandoval filed SB2016. The Chief Co-Sponsor is State Senator Melinda Bush. The Co-Sponsors are Senators Laura Fine, Omar Aquino and Iris Martinez:

    • SB2016 Complete Streets and Trails Local Grant Program – Under this program, local governments could apply for grants to build and extend trails or make street improvements for vulnerable users. Eligible projects would include pedestrian refuge islands, crosswalk countdown timers, pedestrian crossing signs, upgraded trail crossings, and bike lanes that create orderly street space for all.
    • The bill dedicates 2% of state funds within a transportation capital budget for local governments to implement complete streets walking and biking infrastructure improvements. The funds would be administered through the existing Illinois Transportation Enhancement Program (ITEP) and would supplement federal funding of ITEP. 2% is about $50 million of IDOT capital spending at recent funding levels.
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