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    NEW! Low-Cost Safety Improvement Video Series

    FHWA posted a Low-Cost Safety Improvements video series on YouTube recently. As the title suggests, these videos highlight effective safety countermeasures that are relatively inexpensive to implement.

    The videos are:

    Screenshot: Cover of Lo-Cost Safety Improvement For Waling and Biking

    Enhanced delineation on horizontal curves – Basic signing improvements such as advance warning signs, speed plaques, and chevrons alert drivers of upcoming curves and can reduce fatal crashes up to 44 percent. Find out how enhanced delineation at curves is saving lives in Pennsylvania.

    Speed Management Techniques – When speeding leads to crashes in rural towns they can be severe or fatal because it takes extra time for emergency services to arrive. Researchers at the Institute of Transportation at Iowa State University partnered with FHWA to study low-cost speed management techniques in five rural Iowa communities.

    For Walking and Biking – More than 6,000 pedestrians are killed each year along roadways. See how a small town in Oregon and a tribe in Washington are improving safety for pedestrians.

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