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  • Trevor Dick

    A number of communities in Illinois, including the City of Aurora, have implemented bike sharing programs.  We are even exploring the creation of new partnerships with adjacent communities and the County to expand the program.  I’ve been hearing a lot about the growing number of communities around the country that now have electric scooter programs, such as the Bird scooter.  From a healthy community perspective, obviously the exercise benefit is lost with a scooter.  Is anyone thinking about how to plan for electric scooters?  Is there a way to plan for both to keep bike sharing programs successful?


    I’m also very interested in the health impacts of scooter shares. I saw them in use in Atlanta and wondered what it would be like in a city like Chicago that is more dense. Do they ride in the bike lanes, on the sidewalk, and what does that do to bike/ped traffic and potential injuries? One great aspect of bike shares is the physical activity, and you lose that with scooter shares. However, you still reduce carbon emissions and that’s good for health, too.  I saw another post by someone in this forum asking about tracking injuries for scooter share… maybe we can watch responses on that thread!

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